For almost 500 years, Zirkelwirt on Papagenoplatz in Salzburg's old town has been a popular venue for locals and guests from around the world. You can still feel the special flair of the past today as people from different cultures meet here.

Surrounded by the magical scenery of Salzburg, the Zirkelwirt provides guests with a unique fusion of heritage, comfort and hospitality. Here you can enjoy local specialties and immerse yourself in the fascinating story of Salzburg at the time of Mozart and the archbishops.


Monday to Sunday from 11:00 to 24:00

Non-stop warm cuisine from 11:30 to 22:00


Into the past

By visiting Zirkelwirt, you are not simply stepping into " just any" place - but one full of fascinating history and stories. The magnificent wrought-iron sign of this old Salzburg inn in Pfeifergasse on Papagenoplatz catches the eye from afar, featuring the gilded compass symbolizing the Freemasons. Founded in 1647, our restaurant can look back on an incredible rich history.

Who is the figure on the square in front of the Zirkelwirt?

None other than Papageno - the secret star of Mozart's opera "Die Zauberflöte". Papageno is half man and half bird and is in the service of the Queen of the Night, for whom he catches birds. In return, he receives food and drink from the queen every day, and not in short supply. He gets to fill his stomach with wine and carrots. The birdcatcher loves good food, comfort, peace and quiet.  That's why he would have no problem continuing this life until the end of his days...

Was Mozart once a guest at the Zirkelwirt?

This can only be assumed, but unfortunately not proven. Mozart was born in Getreidegasse in 1756, so his birthplace is only a few minutes' walk from the Zirkelwirt. It can therefore be assumed that he was also a guest here at some point, even if there is no proof of this. But since the "elite" Freemasons were very present at the Zirkelwirt in Mozart's time the restaurant was probably already on everyone's lips and always worth a visit. The fun-loving Mozart would hardly have missed it ...

The "Kaiviertel" has always attracted people

Just a few steps away is the home of Theophrast von Hohenheim, known as Paracelsus - probably the most famous physician of his time, who died here in Salzburg in 1541. The scholar had several connections with the city of Salzburg. It was here in 1524 that he first emerged from the anonymity of the sources. At that time, he was already a doctor and at the beginning of his fourth decade. His grave at St. Sebastian's Cemetery soon became a point of attraction for visitors to the city.


Salzburg specialties

The city and province of Salzburg are not only famous for their scenic beauty and cultural diversity. The cuisine is just as diverse: at the Zirkelwirt, traditional Austrian cuisine is also reinvented. In addition to the classics of schnitzel in all variations, oven-fresh roast pork or roast onion, there are also regional specialties such as "Blunzengröstl", Kaspressknödel or "Knödelgeheimnisse" innviertler-style dumplings. The daily menu also includes seasonal and international specialties depending on the time of year.



A good place to celebrate

Our various rooms at the Zirkelwirt offer plenty of cozy space for all kinds of occasions. Whether it's a small family gathering, a group of friends or a whole company event - we will be happy to reserve your "Platzerl" at the Zirkelwirt on request. Our large, cozy guest garden in the quiet side street with over 100 seats is also very popular. Especially on warm summer evenings you can really enjoy life here!


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